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Rise of Devovorga 29-08-2014 / Darusio
Evil has many faces! Sometimes, even a beautiful girl might be the beginning of something wicked...


The malicious and ruthless Devovorga is about to rise again to bring suffering and pain to satisfy her thirst for revenge. Brace yourselves!

On September 1, mysterious portals will appear all over Tibia and the world quest Rise of Devovorga will start again. Before you team up with your friends and send this ultimate and destructive weapon back to where it belongs, please take a moment and read about the changes.
A few weeks ago, we presented you some improvements and changes which we announced here and here. To make sure that you know what is different this time, here is a summary of the changes:

Stage 2 (Devovorga's incarnations can be reached through portals with different level requirements):
All five incarnations are now accessible for at least one day to give more players a chance to face them. The condition to proceed in the event has not been changed so to trigger stage 3 of the event all five incarnations still need to be dead at the same time.
Stage 3 (blooms of doom and spawns of Devovorga appear):
If your world has successfully completed stage 2, stage 3 will be initiated sometime between 8 and 14 hours after the next server save.
Reward eligibility:
The permission to claim a reward can only be obtained by sufficiently contributing to a fight against one of the incarnations, blooms of doom or Devovorga herself in the last 60 seconds before the corresponding monster dies. Your quest log will inform you whether or not you have managed to earn reward permission.
Stone of Wisdom:
If you are reward eligible, you will now receive a stone of insight instead of a stone of wisdom. Stones of insight scale more appropriately with levels and can be traded for experience with Milos and Trimegis from September 1, server save, until September 8, server save. If a world succeeds, they can be traded until September 30. Please note that a character can only trade in one stone per year. Important: Due to this adjustment, this year will be the last time stones of wisdom can be traded for experience with Milos and Trimegis. You cannot hand them in anymore during next year's Devovorga event but they will remain ingame as mere decoration.
The achievements for slaying one of Devovorga's incarnations as well as the achievement "Cocoon of Doom" are now awarded to all players who have dealt a high enough amount of damage to the corresponding monster.
The achievement Devovorga's Nemesis will now be granted to all players who significantly contributed to bringing her down in the final fight. While the achievement can now be obtained by several players on a world per year instead of just one, it will still remain rare and requires considerable effort.
Several incarnations have been adjusted to make them a bit tougher.
If your world manages to kill Devovorga until server save on September 8, it will benefit from +50% health and mana regeneration until the end of September.

Are you ready?
Your Community Managers
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Party Spells 2.0 28-08-2014 / Darusio
A few weeks ago, we asked you to try out an improved version of the four party spells on the test server. Based on the feedback we received during and after the test, a few adjustments of the original concept were made. Evonary has written a short statement to give you more information about the project and prepared a couple of questions she would like to ask you in the Auditorium.

Please visit the corresponding thread and answer the questions by using the template you can find there.

Thank you in advance!
Your Community Managers
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New Preview: Increased Experience Gain Until Level 50 26-08-2014 / Darusio
As announced yesterday, a new preview starts on Aurora and Aurera today. It features an increased experience gain for all characters below level 50.

This experience boost for killing monsters is intended to help new players getting past the early stages of the game more quickly so that they can finally set out to explore the more challenging parts of the Tibian world and embark on daring adventures. The bonus experience only applies to your level progress.
While characters of level 1 and 2 will benefit from a bonus that doubles their experience gain, this bonus will slowly decrease as they advance in level until it reaches the normal experience gain at level 50.
The experience bar will be coloured yellow if this bonus is active and if you place the mouse pointer on the bar it will tell you how much it currently affects your experience gain.

Further details about the preview can be found in the corresponding announcements and threads on Aurora's and Aurera's world boards. Game designer Evonary will do her best to answer your questions about the preview there.

Please note that the preview is only available on the preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera. If you use the Tibia Flash client to play there, the necessary patch will download automatically. If you want to participate in the preview by using the stand-alone client, you need to download and install a special client version which you can find in the download section.

Your Community Managers
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Content Fixes 26-08-2014 / Cauliflower
With today's server save, we implemented a few content fixes. For example:

  • Their Master's Voice: The mad mage will now spawn randomly at one of three different locations in the dungeon. Also, we addressed an issue that allowed players to seal the area off for other characters until the next server save. The world change now gets reset to its initial slime stage if there is no character in the dungeon that has gobbled enough slime to face the mage. Moreover, we addressed an issue with reappearing slime even though players had managed to clean the whole area.
  • couple of map issues and typos were fixed.

Please note that a new client version is available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.53 from our download section.

Your Community Managers
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Release of Redesigned Unjustified Kill System 25-08-2014 / Cauliflower
After a thorough preview phase and a couple of adjustments based on the feedback we received during the preview, we are going to implement the redesigned unjustified kill system on all Open PvP worlds tomorrow, August 26.

We would like to thank all players who helped us with constructive feedback during the preview. Most of the criticism we received still focuses on the basic PvP rule set that was implemented last year and the vision behind that system. Nevertheless, we still consider this a decision that was vital to provide a transparent PvP system as a solid foundation to build on.

With the redesigned unjustified kill system, we tried to address important points of the criticism from last year, for example by measuring the extent of participation in an unjustified kill scenario. Every aggressive action now yields a certain unjust value. An aggressive action is any PvP action that has a negative influence on another character. This includes damage (direct or indirect), negative effects (paralyse) and limitations to the freedom of movement (blocking, obstacles). Also, healing an aggressor is an aggressive action.
The unjust values for your individual actions will be visualised in a special bar in the client which fills up as you participate in unjustified kill scenarios. Thereby, it allows you to keep track of how close you are to getting a red or black skull and how long it will take to get rid of those skulls again.
In addition, the overall sum of sanctions in an unjustified kill scenario has been limited to the value of 5 unjustified kills in total which will be distributed over all attackers depending on their actions.

Moreover, the display of PvP modes in your client has been slimmed down a bit to help you with PvP activations. The secure mode button still allows you to quickly switch between being able to freely attack other players and only being able to attack or block characters if they have been aggressive towards yourself. Players who would like to choose between all four PvP modes can do so via the expert mode.
As suggested by many players, we have also introduced the option to disable the PvP frames for the various PvP situations via the general options menu.

The evaluation and consequences for blocking were a controversially discussed topic of the actual preview. Due to the feedback during the preview, we reduced the unjust value for pure blocking. While it will still count as participation and will be sanctioned it will not be counted as a full unjustified kill.
Also, we added a feature that was suggested during the preview: If a character dies by damage that came only from himself or his group members, it is considered suicide. In that case, if someone received a skull for blocking this character, it will not count as unjustified participation.

With tomorrow's release, we are also addressing the PvP issue concerning white skulls hiding in stacks: If you are standing in a stack, you are now able to attack any skulled character (depending on your PvP setting).

As already announced back in June, the end of the PvP preview also marks the end of double experience and double skill gain on Aurora and Aurera with tomorrow's server save.
Before switching the preview worlds to their normal state, though, we are going to launch another preview there tomorrow. This upcoming preview features an increased experience gain for killing monsters for all characters below level 50 to help new players getting into the more challenging parts of the game more quickly. Further information about this preview will be published tomorrow so stay tuned!

See you in Tibia!
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