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Content Changes and Fixes 12-08-2014 / Darusio
With today's server save, the announced changes of the upcoming world event Rise of Devovorga have been implemented. Due to feedback we received during the public test, the time interval concerning stage 3 has been adjusted: If your world has successfully completed stage 2, stage 3 will be initiated sometime between 8 and 14 hours after the next server save.
Additionally, the achievement Devovorga's Nemesis will now be granted to all players who significantly contributed to bringing her down in the final fight. While the achievement can now be obtained by several players on a world per year instead of just one, it will still remain rare and requires considerable effort.

Also, the world change "Their Master's Voice" is now accessible again. Furthermore, we implemented a few content fixes. For example:
  • The shield modifier of moohtant cudgels were removed and the defence value was been raised by +1.
  • Forbidden Fruits task (Northern Zao): We fixed an issue that prevented some players from continuing and completing this task. The keyword "collect" now allows these players to take up the task again.
  • A bunch of map bugs, typos and several minor graphical glitches were fixed. Also, a few erroneous or incomplete NPC texts were adjusted.
Besides, a PvP issue with summons was addressed: If you call a summon from now on in a place that would force it to appear far away - on a different ground level, or on the other end of a teleporter, for example, it will refuse your request and disappear again if the place on the other end is already occupied by other players.

Please note that a new client version is available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.52 from our download section.

Your Community Managers
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Upcoming Test of Devovorga, Mad Mage and Party Spells 04-08-2014 / Darusio
Test server time again! Tomorrow, August 05, we are going to start up Testa and Testera once more since we have some long-awaited adjustments in store for you. We would like to give you the opportunity to try them out before their release.

Based on the feedback we have gathered over the last years, several aspects of the world event "Rise of Devovorga" have been improved. Here is a summary of the upcoming changes:
  • Stage 2 (Devovorga's incarnations can be reached through portals with different level requirements):
    All five incarnations are now accessible for at least one day to give more players a chance to face them. The condition to proceed in the event has not been changed so to trigger stage 3 of the event all five incarnations still need to be dead at the same time.
  • Stage 3 (blooms of doom and spawns of Devovorga appear):
    If your world has successfully completed stage 2, stage 3 will be initiated sometime between 6 and 12 hours after the next server save.
  • Reward eligibility:
    The permission to claim a reward can only be obtained by sufficiently contributing to a fight against one of the incarnations, blooms of doom or Devovorga herself in the last 60 seconds before the corresponding monster dies. Your quest log will inform you whether or not you have managed to earn reward permission.
  • Stone of Wisdom:
    If you are reward eligible, you will now receive a stone of insight instead of a stone of wisdom. Stones of insight scale more appropriately with levels. Important: Due to this adjustment, this year will be the last time stones of wisdom can be traded for experience with Milos and Trimegis. You cannot hand them in anymore during next year's Devovorga event but they will remain ingame as mere decoration.
  • Achievements: The achievements for slaying one of Devovorga's incarnations as well as the achievement "Cocoon of Doom" are now awarded to all players who have dealt a high enough amount of damage to the corresponding monster.
  • Several incarnations have adjusted to make them a bit tougher.
    Everything else in this event should still work as before.
Also, the notorious mad mage is about to return! The world change "Their Master's Voice" has been re-scripted to make it more maintainable. These changes are more of technical nature so the whole event should pretty much feel and work the same as before it was closed.

Last but not least, we have also improved all four party buff spells to promote hunting in groups.
  • Druid: The spell "Heal Party" will be replaced by the spell "Restore Party". This spell is a stronger version of "Mass Healing" and will restore health points of the spell caster and all party members within a radius of 4 squares. It has a cooldown of 2 minutes.
  • Knight: The spell "Train Party" will be replaced by the spell "Shield Party". This spell will raise the shielding skill of the spell caster and all party members within a radius of 4 squares by 10% for 2 minutes. It has a cooldown of 2 seconds.
  • Paladin: The spell "Protect Party" will be replaced by the spell "Boost Party". This spell will raise the main vocation skill of the spell caster and each party member within a radius of 4 squares by 10% for 2 minutes. Main vocation skills are: Axe, club, and sword fighting for knights. Distance fighting for paladins and magic level for druids and sorcerers. It has a cooldown of 2 seconds.
  • Sorcerer: The spell "Enchant Party" will be replaced by the spell "Recharge Party". This spell will restore mana of all party members within a radius of 4 squares. It is similar to the druid's "Restore Party" spell with the notable difference that it does not affect the spell caster. It has a cooldown of 2 minutes.
    If you are curious about all these changes, join the public test tomorrow and give them a try!

More information and instructions on the test can be found on the test website from tomorrow on. Please note that you have to use your account name and password from August 01, 2014, 10:00 CEST, to log in once the test has started. As usual, all players can read the test board, but only tutors, senators, fansite representatives, focus group members, and former closed beta testers can post there.

Have fun!
Your Community Managers
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Content Fixes 04-08-2014 / Darusio
With today's server save, we implemented a few content fixes. For example:

  • Wrath of the Empire quest: In mission 3, Zalamon now also accepts the tail of the keeper if a player has completed the quest but lost the tail.
  • To Take Roots quest: Chavis now accepts the correct amount of harvested roots even if players have less than 5 roots in the inventory.
  • Luring silencers in Roshamuul: Only the player who actually triggers a silencer raid will be able to earn inquisition gold.
  • A few typos and map bugs were fixed as well.

Your Community Managers
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Retro Open PvP World? 24-07-2014 / Cauliflower
Tibians, we have a big surprise for you today!

For years, our stance on proposals about retro servers was quite clear: We had deep reservations and rejected them due to the complex and for the most part unfeasible nature such an endeavour would entail. However, players have kept on pushing these proposals and we continuously received feedback in which we were asked to at least give it a try.

Despite the official rejection, we have always followed the nostalgic discussions. In addition, our circumstances and possibilities gradually changed over time which has influenced the feasibility of such a project considerably. Especially the implementation of the new PvP rule set last year, the redesigned unjustified kill system that is currently being previewed and the underlying technical framework of both have finally opened doors to certain adjustments that were hardly feasible before. So in light of the continuous, passionate feedback and the changed circumstances, our opinion on this matter has also shifted to a more favourable stance. To get to the point:

We are thinking about introducing a new game world type: Retro Open PvP game worlds. These game worlds would be available to both free and premium players, and they would have all the content and features that are currently available on normal game worlds. Also, they would also receive all future updates except for PvP. PvP rules on these game worlds would feature a couple of things old school fans probably have missed dearly. Naturally, we have to set some limits here. After assessing all the feedback on PvP these days in comparison to PvP back in the good old days, we have compiled a list of popular old school features we are willing to bring back if you want us to:

  • 2 Unjusts, which means: No matter how many characters took part in an unjustified PvP kill, only the character that dealt the most damage and the character that dealt the final blow will face consequences.
  • No Ghosting (or its predecessor swapping), which means: Everybody always blocks all other characters anywhere.
  • No Fair Fight Rules, which means: No matter how many attackers took part in a PvP kill, the death penalty of the victim will not be reduced.
  • No Twist of Fate, which means: There is no additional blessing that will protect you from the losing your normal blessings in case of a PvP death.

Some of you may miss manual aiming on this list. Despite its desired return by some players, we will not reintroduce this feature. Also, since the focus clearly is on PvP rules, these world types would not bring back features which are not only relevant for PvP (e.g. no buyable runes through NPCs). For further information on our reasoning behind this, please check the corresponding statement in the Auditorium.

We are aware that it is not possible to find a common ground that will satisfy all players who are interested in old school PvP or retro gameplay aspects in general. Nevertheless, we are ready to give this a try to see how it is welcomed and accepted by the community.

Before pursuing this any further, though, we would like to get an idea of the general interest in such a game world type and the previously mentioned possible features you would like to see there. Also, we would like to know your opinion on whether or not character world transfers to Retro Open PvP worlds should be possible. Therefore, we have started a poll including all these questions. The results will influence our decision so make sure to cast your vote and spread the word.

We are eager to hear your thoughts!
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New Stuff Available via Payment System 22-07-2014 / Darusio
New products are available via the payment system!

In the Extra Services section, you can now also buy an "Express Character World Transfer". This service may be of interest to you if you recently transferred your character to another world but would like to move it again without having to wait six months.
An express character world transfer can be used immediately, regardless of when your last world transfer took place. That is the reason why this service is more expensive than a normal character world transfer.
Please note that besides this noticeable difference, all other restrictions and requirements of normal transfers also apply to express character world transfers.


If you would like to treat one of your characters to a new devoted travelling companion, check out the new section Mounts in the payment system. There, you can find a colourful selection of extravagant mounts at different prices.
Accompanied by a majestic desert king, you will make a grand entrance wherever you go. Charge into battle on a fierce jade pincer, stand your ground on a massive platesaurian, or terrify your enemies and unleash chaos astride a blazing nethersteed.

At the moment, 12 different mounts are exclusively available via the payment system. So make sure to have a look if you are interested in complementing your character's appearance with one of them.
Once bought and assigned to one of your characters, you can ride it ingame whenever you want, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

If you would like to know more about purchasable services and stuff we may offer in the future, please take a closer look at the additional information we have provided in the Auditorium.

Saddle up!
Your Community Managers
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